How does matchmaking work in dark souls 2

There was a Reddit thread on the newest calculations, though they really shouldn't be that different from the fextralife calculator.

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Try to google the said reddit thread for I no longer have a link to it. SM seems to be all that maters. Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Is there something wrong with multiplayer? (Xbox ONE)

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    AdaSandwich AdaSandwich 4 years ago 1 I'm just wondering. Because I've decided to try out my SL 30 character in the arena with k SM and it seems like I'm being paired up with people with end game equipment and a ton of spells. Maiagare Maiagare 4 years ago 3 kafuin posted Pride17 Pride17 4 years ago 4 Usually matches you with the nearest available megamule.

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    TMRaven TMRaven 4 years ago 7 Yeah you'd want to get to around lvl at least to start having a fighting chance vs all the people in their s,s, and even the random ers. Adventures of bui the warrior: First time playing, beat DeS, DS1. Something I've noticed about the hitboxes.