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Here is another unique dynamic: Heck, even you are familiar with them.

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You also just know a bit more than you want to know about his past and you know your families are comparing you to his exes. Your boyfriend also knows everything about your exes. He may be warned not to do this or that because your ex made that mistake. Your family feels entitled to updates on your relationship. But boy do they feel like this relationship is some victory of theirs.

Family Friends and Dating

They may even approach your boyfriend and his female friend, and mention loudly that he has a girlfriend several times. While in the past, it was a huge deal to bring a boyfriend on family trip or home for the holidays, your mom just informs you that she has already booked a ticket for your boyfriend and ordered the beer he likes for Christmas dinner.

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Your family feels like since they were apparently right about who you should date, they must be right about everything else. They start taking a lot of liberties when it comes to calling you up and telling you what they think about your career, the way you dress, and friends you keep and more.

If the two of you get into a fight, your entire village panics. People will not rest until this dispute is resolved.

My best friend's just started dating my brother. A recipe for disaster, no? - Telegraph

When you two get in a fight, your respective families take sides. If and when you spend the night together for the first time, news spreads across your networks as if somebody blasted it in the morning newsletter.

Will Dating a Friend Ruin a Friendship? 3 Real Life Tips!

All of your family members are making sly little innuendos about where you were last night. An old friend of mine has started going out with our 20 year old daughter and we are so upset.

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My wife is distraught and I can hardly sleep thinking about this horrible man pawing my lovely daughter and that he seems to have no shame over taking advantage of her and our friendship. He was at her 18th birthday party with his then girlfriend and has known our daughter since she was born — how could he possibly be thinking of her in this way when he knew her as a little girl? I find the 24 year age difference absolutely disgusting and I keep wondering if he was waiting for her to grow up before he made his move. The age difference would probably have been difficult for you anyway but the added issue of him already being your friend is making it worse.

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Another slice of cake anyone?